Friday, 16 August 2013

Bagh-e Babur

This is a still from one of the videos taken inside the Truth Booth at Babur Gardens (Bagh-e Babur). The booth was up for about four hours and we got over 60 Truth vids. Great day!


This game is called Carrom and seems really popular. There were tables all over Babur Gardens. Kind of like some old school air hockey.

The Gardens of Babur: The first spot for the Truth Booth.

Built in 1528 for Babur, the first Mughal emperor, the gardens are the most popular destination for the people of Kabul to picnic and spend the day.* The park was rebuilt to original specifications of Babur during 2002-2004 who wanted to make a "theater of heaven." His marble tomb resides at the top of the terraces too.
*Awesome Afghan snackbars in there too.

All hands...raising the booth at the Gardens of Babur

MVI 9270 from Ryan Alexiev on Vimeo.