Sunday, 18 August 2013


The Truth is . . . Scorpions! from Ryan Alexiev on Vimeo.

A lighthearted Truth Booth video in English filmed at Babur Gardens. We're busy translating the others which are mostly in Dari and Pashto.

The Truth Booth team at Qargha lake

From left: Antoinette deJong and Ian MacWilliam (from FreePress Unlimited), Jim Ricks and Ryan Alexiev (from Cause Collective).

Qargha Lake

Qargha lake was the site of a major terrorist attack last year by the Taliban. We're scoping the site right now as a potential Truth Booth location. Very secure now and a favorite place for people from Kabul to picnic and swim.

Qargha Hookahs

Translation: No swimming*

*Not because it's dangerous, just deep. Most Afghans can't swim and there were a lot of drownings. 

Bought us some melon!

Melons are in season out here and a lot of different kinds . . . endless stands, endless melons.