Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Nightly pest patrol

mosquitos from Ryan Alexiev on Vimeo.

Ryan's late night mosquito hunt.  It's cool, he usually wins and there is only a moderate to low malaria risk here in Kabul.

Sunset @Mikrorayon Park

Guarding the Truth @Mikrorayon Park

The most ironic thing about this shot is that having a dude with a machine gun stand guard makes the booth seem safe and inviting in Afghanistan. Everything is about security here. He was one of five in our security contingent.

Large crowds @Mikrorayon Park

A young vendor in the park

Jaleel explaining the Truth to the people

Jaleel is our Truth Booth floor manager and general overall stud. Here he's telling the onlookers about the booth and signing them up to participate. No way we could pull this off without him and the 1TV crew.

Butcher Street

“There is a road to the top of even the highest mountain”

A Dari Proverb we are finding very fitting (inspirational?) to describe the last few days. Unable to get the proper security permits at our selected locations, we've been grounded for two days now and losing our minds. Our lock, Kabul University, backed out fearing the Truth Booth will incite student riots!