Thursday, 22 August 2013

Leg work

We rented a Swan paddle boat at Lake Qargha to get photos and just to go for a spin.  Beautiful. *squeak* *squeak* *squeak*

Interlopers during a test recording...

A respected teacher came today to tell the Truth

Can't wait to translate what he said inside the booth.

Lake Qargha

This is our last destination in Kabul before we hit the road. Actually roads are too dangerous so we'll have to fly. Lake Qargha is very beautiful and secure now but was the scene of a bloody Taliban attack last year. 

Qargha clean

A few stills from the Truth Booth

We have over 150 portraits and counting. There is an amazing diversity of styles and looks in Afghanistan; a real crossroads of civilization and peoples. We only have a rough idea what they are saying yet, still in the process of getting the videos translated which isn't so easy due to multiple languages being spoken (and how insanely fast they talk). We'll post as soon as we get them.