Friday, 23 August 2013

The Swan Boats of Qargha Lake

Photo: Antoinette deJong

LACMA on Fire (FAKE! Part 1)

Jim Ricks takes a trip to the local "pinting" shop in Kabul to commission a reproduction of Ed Ruscha's "LACMA on fire." Stay tuned folks . . . results in 10 days.

Kabul City Center

Portraiture & Skateistan

Ahmad Khān Abdālī (Pashto/Persian: احمد خان ابدالي), was the founder of the Durrani Empire and is regarded to be the founder of the modern state of Afghanistan. His portrait is seen throughout the capital.

This particular portrait was done by one of the kids over at Skateistan, an ambitious and interesting NGO that promotes education and activities for boys and girls, the disabled, in Afghanistan and Cambodia. Check them out, they're doing good things.

Highs & lows

Extreme stunt photographer Jim Ricks captures The Truth Booth high above beautiful Lake Qargha.

Sunset over Afghanistan. August 2013.