Friday, 20 September 2013

Last, but...

This is long overdue... an enormous thank you to Antoinette de Jong! Antoinette made this project, full stop. Literally. We met her at the Unseen Photo Festival in Amsterdam a year ago where she mentioned the idea of taking the Truth Booth to Afghanistan completely out of the blue. Of course we said yes, but it took countless hours, days, and months of preparing and organizing and behind the scenes work to actualize it. All of this was done by Antoinette. Her unreal patience in all of our dealings, her understanding and appreciation of the In Search of the Truth project, years of experience in Afghanistan, and her extraordinarily generous approach to everyone will not be forgotten. Antoinette got us off the ground and guaranteed the success of our journey. Our appreciation and gratitude is immense. Thank you. And you should check out her and her partner's amazing book in the meantime: Poppy: Trails of Afghan Heroin

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